Clarent, Sword of Merlin

Clarent, the Sword of Merlin.

Clarent was a powerful sword forged by Merlin in the breath of the Red Dragon of Dinas Emrys. It was kept as Merlin's sword, but also used by him to knight the Knights of Camelot.



After being burnished in the breath of The Red Dragon, Clarent is described as a 4 foot long, single-hand sword with a long blade inscribed with different designs and a leather-wrapped hilt with golden pommel and handguards. The pommel shows a dragon breathing fire, and the handguards depict two dragons fighting (probably the red and white dragons). It did not have these markings before. Since it was forged in a dragon's breath, its blade contains some of the dragon's flames within it. In battle, the blades sets itself on fire.

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